Wild Child Homeschool Program

New for 2017 is our Wild Child Homeschool Program! Beginning in March, we’ll be taking homeschooled children, ages 6-12, on a nature immersion adventure in Discovery Park.

Wild Child will be child- and interest-led. We’ll hike, explore, taste, play. We’ll learn the ecology of several different Pacific Northwest habitats. Discovery Park is a large and diverse park, that we are lucky to have. We’ll get to know it, and develop a sense of place.


Dragonfly emerging from its exoskeleton.

We’ll look for and learn about native animals. Over the past 4 years, I’ve found at Discovery Park:

*Red-legged frogs *Pacific Tree frogs *salamanders *Barred Owls *octopus (Yes! We found octopus about the size of a quarter on rocks at the beach. It was amazing.) *field rabbits *moles *nest-building caterpillars *dragonflies and dragonfly larvae (Did you know they spend their larval stage as waterbugs? We watched one emerge from its exoskeleton at Itty Bitty Camps. It was amazing.) *Beaver den *sea stars *various fish

Wild Child will happen on Mondays, 9am-3pm, and we will be outside the whole time. Classes are $70/day, or $60/day when you sign up for the month, and there is a maximum of 6 children.  Signups will close on Friday prior to the Monday we meet.

Register here

Please email any questions to me at Hillary@wildchildseattle.com